Welcome to Corp Oil Field
Service, L.L.C.!
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contractor with ISNetworld.  
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About Our Company

Established in 2008, Corp Oil Field Service, L.L.C.
provides various services to the oil field industry such as
heavy equipment operations (backhoes, dozers, skidloaders,
swab rig and trenching services), frac tank rentals, PEC
Safety Training (SafeLand USA, SafeGulf and H2S Clear),
roustabout services and trucking services
(lowboy/pipe/customer supplied trailers, water trucks and
winch trucks).  Request a quote today!
Safety First

Our team is dedicated to providing high quality service and
our safety record shows that our dedicated and trained team
takes safety seriously and as a first priority.  Members
are training certified with SafeLand USA and have various
additional training creditientials.  Check out our safety
records through the ISNetworld website under Contractor

5350 Bluebell Road
Cumberland, OH  45750

Office (740) 638-2141
Fax    (740) 638-2141